Our Company

The BBA – Britain’s leading construction certification and inspection company

The BBA is committed to raising standards of construction and construction materials, by helping businesses and organisations to supply the industry with innovative products, systems and BBA-approved installers of the highest quality, and by listening to and acting on the concerns of the industry and their clients/householders.

Since our launch in 1966 we have developed rigorous testing, inspection and certification services to support manufacturers, product purchasers and installers in achieving excellence, thus providing reassurance throughout the industry. Our Technical Excellence team strives to ensure that we are at the forefront of construction innovation and that we continue to recruit and train highly qualified and experienced staff to maintain our position.

Our certification and inspections are carried out by teams with detailed technical knowledge and experience, and are recognised by building control, local authorities, industry insurers and the key construction trade associations in the UK.

The BBA is heavily involved with various committees and trade organisations which work to make our industry better. By collaborating closely with bodies such as the European Organisation for Technical Assessments (EOTA) and the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF), we have a key input into policy development and work to help reduce technical barriers to cross-border construction trading throughout Europe and consistency of standards and accessibility.

Our core values

  • Courage – we believe in challenge and change
  • Integrity – our people act without fear or favour, delivering a fair and true service
  • Quality – whatever we do, we deliver to a technically outstanding level
  • Loyalty – we champion our values every day, in all we do
  • Collaboration – we work together to realise potential
  • Passionate – we work with heart, and care about exceeding our clients’ expectations
  • Accountable – each of us is responsible for making differences that matter