Cavity Cleaning Scheme

The installation of cavity wall insulation requires clean cavities free from obstructions, debris and, in most cases, other forms of insulation, to achieve a satisfactory installation, including adequate and consistent fill density. Specialist companies have devised cavity cleaning methods and processes to achieve clean cavities.

Our Scheme provides for an Applicant who has demonstrated their ability to assess the suitability of buildings for cavity cleaning and has had their processes assessed and extraction method statement agreed by the BBA to become a BBA registered cavity cleaning company. The Scheme Document can be downloaded here.

For a Company to retain that status, the Company must successfully demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Scheme, including under surveillance.

Applicants can use their own agreed extraction method statement (EMS) or one that has already been agreed by the BBA, on condition that the application is supported in writing by the organisation that owns the supporting EMS.

Surveillance is carried out by BBA Inspectors, trained and experienced in the assessment of properties as described in this Scheme Document and with knowledge of CWI products and/or systems approved by the BBA and cavity cleaning.


Type of Installer Fee Type Cost To Include
BBA Approved Installer Pre-approval Fee £1,908 Assessment of EMS and 2 one day site visits
Surveillance Fee


£636 One day site visit
Non BBA Approved Installer Pre-approval Fee £2,544 Assessment of EMS and 3 one day site visits
Surveillance Fee £2,544 4 one day site visits (one per quarter)

As a first step to becoming a Registered Company, an Applicant must complete a BBA contract from which it can be downloaded here and printed; or by telephone request to 01923 665300; or by e-mail request to

Approved Installers for Cavity Cleaning

Installer ID Company Name
3714 Aran Services Ltd
3548 Belfast Insulation Co Ltd
3487 Cosyhomes (NI) Ltd
1243 Dyson Energy Services
1298 Energystore Ltd
4198 Everwarm Group Ltd
9168 Evolve Home Energy Solutions
9197 Extract North East
1249 InstaGroup Ltd
8920 Thermabead Ltd
5343 Thomas CMS (Holdings) Ltd
8589 Thrift Energy Ltd
4051 Warm Front Ltd
 9254 Complete Remedial Solutions Ltd