How to become a BBA Property Assessor

A Property Assessor plays a vital and important role in any cavity wall insulation installation. The key to ensuring that only suitable properties are filled with insulation is an accurate description of the building. The BBA offers suitably qualified assessors the opportunity to be BBA approved. As concerns about the quality of inspections and CWI installations continues, demand for qualified assessors will grow and intensify. Your abilities as an assessor will be tried and tested by our BBA experts. Obtaining the title BBA Property Assessor will allow you to stand out from the crowd. You will be subject to an ongoing competence review schedule; which will allow you to demonstrate to a company or a householder that you have the necessary experience to carry out a home/property assessment.

The Scheme provides for both a BBA Approved Installer to register their Property Assessors and third party Applicants who have demonstrated their ability to assess the suitability of buildings for the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) to become a BBA Approved Assessor.

Surveillance is carried out by BBA Inspectors, trained and experienced in the assessment of properties as described in this Scheme Document and with knowledge of CWI products and/or systems approved by the BBA

As a first step to becoming an Assessor, an Applicant must complete a BBA contract from which it can be downloaded here and printed; or by e-mail request to BBA Approved Installers must advise the BBA of their Assessors by emailing their details to the same email address.