How to become a BBA Approved Installer

The BBA is the leading product assurance brand in the UK construction industry. Our installers are considered to lead the field and they are backed by our reputation in the marketplace. Many of the product manufacturers whose products we approve insist that their products are installed by BBA approved installers.

What can we offer you?

  • Access to products that are off limits to non BBA approved installers
  • Approved by the UK’s leading construction products certification business
  • Promotion via our website and commercial literature
  • Access to UK leading experts on all matters related to installation
  • Access to complaint resolution

Are you installing any of the following measures? Click the links to view the scheme documents.

We operate Approved Installer Schemes for contractors in all of these industry sectors.

Getting assessed

The assessment process includes both a visit to your business premises and a work-in-progress (on-site) visit to inspect a sample of the installations that your company carries out. Each measure that you select for approval will require a work-in-progress visit.

The inspections are a chance for you to demonstrate that the work you carry out complies with our scheme requirements, and, if applicable, the PAS 2030. We must ensure that your work meets industry standards alongside providing high-quality service. Our knowledgeable and supportive Inspection staff will be available each step of the way, answering any questions you may have to help you achieve your business objectives.

For further information, you can download our Guidance Document for Office here and Site here.

Getting a quote

Simply click here and fill out our enquiry form to receive a quote from our dedicated Inspection Administration Team.

How to apply

Choose one of our 3 easy ways to apply!

  • Call our dedicated Audit & Inspection Administration Team on 01923 665300
  • Download and complete our Approved Installer contract and email it to us
  • Fill out our enquiry form on the Contact page.

Upon receipt of your application our team will supply you with a quote and, providing you are satisfied, raise an invoice in respect of the measures you have chosen. Once payment is received, your assessment dates will be booked quickly and conveniently for you.