Our home installation inspection services

The BBA, with its dedicated team of experienced Product and Technical Assessment Experts, works in conjunction with a number of organisations and initiatives to improve and increase energy-saving measures in domestic premises, and to facilitate their installation to a high standard, thus ensuring their effectiveness and cost-saving benefit. We:

  • assess a property for a range of energy-saving retrofit measures, including recommendations as to the most suitable system and materials
  • carry out pre-approval inspections to ensure the suitability of premises for a particular type of improvement
  • make inspections of works in progress to ensure that they are being carried out correctly
  • make a full assessment of the installation and its quality once work has been completed
  • investigate any subsequent complaints regarding work carried out
  • can offer an EPC through our insulation inspection team who are all DEA’s.

We also train assessors on behalf of other installation bodies.

The main agencies with whom we work are listed below.

Energy Companies Obligation 

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) requires qualifying suppliers to facilitate the installation of energy-efficiency measures (such as insulation) to domestic premises. Part of the scheme requires suppliers to instruct suitably-qualified and independent agents to carry out inspections on a sample of the ECO measures that they have installed. The inspections are intended not only to check that the installation has been carried out in accordance with the Government’s scheme, but also to ensure that the client has received value for money with regard to the quality of the installation and its performance in terms of energy efficiency.

The BBA is a leading independent agent for inspections of energy-efficient home installation, and has its own UK-wide network of experienced and fully-trained inspectors.

Monitoring of the installation is split into three sections, and is carried out at different stages:

  • competence of operatives on site – carried out at the pre-installation/preparatory works stage and mid-installation stage
  • scoring (compliance with ECO guidelines and legislation) – carried out at the post-installation stage
  • installation standards (carbon/cost) – quotas for inspections to ensure that complex measures, such as external wall insulation, are seen at all stages.

Our substantial experience, skills and knowledge as a UKAS-accredited inspection provider assessing installer competence and compliance means that we can ensure that Ofgem requirements under the ECO are met and that the householder can have complete confidence in the installation and its effectiveness.

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA)

The BBA works in partnership with Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) to provide quality assurance for Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) installations carried out under CIGA guarantee scheme.

CIGA is an independent body which provides 25-year guarantees for CWI when fitted by one of their nationwide network of registered installers in accordance with Best Practice technical guidance. The BBA for its part ensures, via its dedicated team of professional Inspectors, that installations have been carried out correctly and that they meet the requirements of the relevant regulatory provisions. It also assesses and approves the installers themselves.  

Client-managed Inspection Services

We work on behalf of a number of organisations involved in home installations and improvement work in the UK. As a fully accredited provider of inspection services, the BBA’s independent and unbiased product and installation information gives clients a fair view of how their products are being installed and enables them to demonstrate that work meets necessary regulatory requirements because it has been inspected by an accredited body. The householder in turn has the assurance of knowing that work carried out for them is being monitored professionally and impartially by an independent third party.

We carry out inspections on behalf of


TrustMark is a not-for-profit organisation, licensed by Government and supported by trade associations within the construction industry and consumer protection groups. It exists to help householders find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to carry out repairs and improvement to their homes. TrustMark approves trade associations and industry groups who can demonstrate that they meet a strict code of practice. Using a TrustMark-registered tradesperson provides assurance that any installation work will be carried out efficiently and to a high standard.

The BBA carries out inspections on behalf of TrustMark for certain types of installation to ensure that work carried out by their registered tradepeople is of the standard required for continued registration.

BBA inspections cover cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and conservatories (under the Ultra Installer Scheme via Ultraframe). The Trustmark website, www.trustmark.org.uk, gives full details of the organisation.